Knowtworthy is an automated note taking system which takes in lecture or meeting videos and returns both a set of detailed notes as well as a brief summary of the contents. Using state-of-the-art machine learning and powerful heuristics, Knowtworthy aims to achieve simple and scalable access to quality educational content.


Giftora is an app for created curated gifts on demand. Built for Android and IOS on Ionic3 with Sails on Node, Giftora takes the stress out of gift giving and instead provides an excellent gift giving experience for both the giver and the receiver. You can try it now!

Appleby Wellness

Appleby Wellness is a landing page built in HTML, CSS and JavaScript (with JQuery) for a contractor. On top of building a landing page I provided SEO services to boost the company page's throughput and increase revenue.


OpenMaze is an open source software package that provides and easy an intuitive platform to quickly set up and run cognitive tasks in a robust 3D without the need for programming expertise. The app was built in Unity and coded in C#. The landing page is standard static HTML, CSS and JS.

MEAN Stack Web Application

During my time at Explore Canada, a startup in Mississauga, I worked with one other developer to build both a landing page as well as an intelligent client processing form application to both streamline and automate as much of the startup's work as possible while constructing a professional and functional face of the company. As a result of this work the startup began to receive a heightened number of quality clients, illustrating the overwhelmingly positive effect our work had on the company.

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Speaking Engagements + Volunteering

AI and IoT Speaker and Panelist
June 2018 / PMI Toronto at KPMG
I was honored to present at PMI Toronto about AI and IoT before sitting down as a panelist answering questions ranging from project management at Knowtworthy to the Future of AI and Google Duplex.

Lab Programmer/Research Assistant
Feb 2018 - Present / Duncan Memory Lab
My current work involves building virtual 3D environments to facilitate relevant research in the hippocampus.

Web Design Judge
Mar 2018 / FBLA Ontario OPLC
I was invited to judge websites created by contestants participating in the FBLA Provincial competition.

Conference Volunteer
Feb 2018 / UTISM 2018 - The Cognitive Science of Disruption
Helped to set up and maintain the conference over the course of the weekend.

Oakvillegreen Conservation Association
June 2017 / Oakville
Worked to help strengthen the biodiversity of Millstone Park by planting trees, spreading awareness and removing invasive plant species.