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Hello! My name is Alex Gordienko. I am a full stack developer skilled in Angular, React and Node. I am always on the lookout for new and interesting projects so feel free to contact me here. I build performance, mobile first (web) apps with clean user interfaces and scalable infrastructures driving teams to hit key metrics. I enjoy rowing, table tennis and good movies. Thanks for stopping by, stay as long as you want, and feel free to check out the source code!


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I worked alongside Alex Gordienko while developing for Explore Canada, during the summer of 2017. Alex is a well rounded professional, who possesses strong knowledge of design principles, project management, and full stack development. His knowledge of Google Material design really helped shape the front end of our project and coupled with his ability to promptly learn new technologies, Alex really became an asset to our team. Alex carries himself with utmost professionalism when planning tasks, attending meetings with clients and communicating concepts. Overall Alex strives for perfection, and never submits sub par work. It was an absolute pleasure working with him.

- Manav Patel (Full Stack Web Developer)

Had the pleasure to work with Alex on a project to revamp the company's website, and with very little supervision and oversight, he handled himself and the task at hand very well and professionally, he worked very well with team members, and completed the project on time to a level and with quality more than what was expected. I strongly recommend Alex for any developer or software leadership position and would be happy to hire him and work with him again in the future.

- Sam Qita (CEO of Explore Canada Immigration Services)

Alex Gordienko is a math tutor for my daughter. He tutored her with Grade 9 math. Alex was well prepared for their sessions and knew his material very well. He was able to effectively communicate concepts. I would highly recommend Alex as a math tutor. We were very pleased with the results.

- Nathalie Beck (2017)

Further testimonials available upon request.