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Invite me to Speak.
I have presented a myriad of times in front of audiences ranging from a few members to several hundred. I speak primarily about AI, IoT and neuroscience in the industry as well as discuss my own learned experiences to audiences looking to gain insight in the tech field.
Hire Me to Build your Vision.
I help companies large and small develop their brands and scale their business. I focus primarily on streamlining operations and uncovering efficiencies in startups; leveling up their products while preparing the team and product to scale rapidly.
Hire Me to Code your Product.
I am a full stack engineer who enjoys coding web tech systems at any level. Through my startup experience I have developed a streamlined pipeline for getting a capable MVP out as efficiently as possible. I have also gotten excellent performance reviews at larger corporations for my effectiveness.
Hire me for Research.
With a background in neuroscience, cognitive science, and computer science, I operate at the intersection of these fields to develop biologically-based neural network models of the human brain. I have a great passion for research and problem solving, so let’s talk about brains!
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